Over decades of development, genetic technology has become available for extensive use nowadays; and thanks to the advance in genetic technology, we may now understand various genetic physical differences between individuals in a more convenient and efficient way. Research in the wrong direction and the concept of “one mechanism applies to all” may not only waste time and money, but also incur losses in numerous aspects. With its mission of “optimizing the quality of live for individuals”, Les Ornates was established and strives for continuous pursuit and use of new technologies to transform “unknown” knowledge into “known” one.

Although genetic predisposition is inborn, it is often not the only factor contributing to a particular problem in most circumstances. Acquired factors including dietary habits, life style and personal care products being use also play an essential role in raising or lowering relevant tendencies. In view of this, it is important to understand the genetic profile of yourself or your family, so that you may choose the most suitable products that match the genetic profile. Genetic profile is a personalized key for skin care as well as hair care for every single individual.

Ever since our establishment, we have witnessed a new era of “Personalization where genetic profile plays a key role in both research and application. It is believed that, in the very soon future, the concept of genetic profile will become widely known by the general public and will be used in a more comprehensive way to benefit more and more people.

We strive to make good use of predictive genomics testing to introduce customized solution, and aim to creating a plan for your customized formulation and daily regime by studying your skin and hair as well as their strengths, weaknesses and predispositions to various conditions. By unlocking your genetic secrets, you may hence be able to develop and maximize your genetic strengths in an effective way.