Making a difference in society and to the people around us is imperative to success in business today. Les Ornate is a French based company with an international presence, founded to make this difference through the commercialization of niche medical technologies and developing a consumer understanding by removing the scientific jargon.

The founders of the company have been involved in the DNA and Biochemical testing industries for over a decade and have capitalized on this experience, to bring to you, their latest innovation “DNA Genotyping with Customized Products”.

The human genome holds an extraordinary treasure trove of information about human development, physiology, and evolution and has vastly increased knowledge of how the human body works and its biological responses. With the Les Ornate range of tests, Les Ornates places the mysteries revealed by scientific advances in Human Genomics research in your hands by providing access to these developments in an affordable, consumer-friendly way. By analyzing the relationship between genes, nutrition and lifestyle our gene tests provide a valuable tool for you to manage your health and wellness.

Using cutting-edge molecular technologies, our dedicated team comprising of experts in the field of human genetics will provide you with reliable, high-quality services, performed according to the highest international standards.


Dedicated to the research and development of products for early detection and screening of diseases, it provides rapid, accurate and professional molecular diagnostic services to local and overseas medical and healthcare providers and individual customers. It utilizes advanced molecular biotechnologies and proprietary biochip technology platform established a series of molecular diagnostic kits and medical devices for detection and early screening of infectious, cancer and genetic diseases.



Established by an international group of scientist specializing in molecular diagnostics. Our professional technical team is led by experienced Molecular Biology Scientists, Pathologists, Clinical Microbiologists and Registered Medical Laboratory Technologists to ensure quality products and services.


Our Lab has won a number of international certification: accredited to ISO 15189:2007- HOKLAS Reg. No. 827S for medical diagnostics laboratory in 2010; joined several International External Quality Assurance Programs (EQAP) and achieved 100% compliance; World Health Organization (WHO) HPV Labnet in 2009 with 100% compliance one of the three global validated laboratories with 100% compliance. The product used has been registered in 16 European countries with CE IVD and approved by the State Food and Drug Administration (SFDA) of China. The product line is in compliance with national GMP standards ISO9001: 2000 and with ISO 13485:2003 medical devices quality control system certification.