How we formulate your unique,
personalized skin care, hair care or health supplement products?

Powerful Base Formula

Our base formulas are carefully selected with
a range of powerful ingredients.

Genetically Guided Customization

We enriched the powerful base formula with customized blend of functional factors, formulated according to your test results. The functional factors strengthen weakened functions of your skin, hair or body conditions to ensure its revitalization and youthful look. They include the latest breakthrough active ingredients. These various groups of Personalized Ingredients are combined, based upon your personal genetic assessment, to create your unique formula.

For example, for each of the seven genetic related skin functions tested, your personal formula requires the functional factors to be added at a mid-range level or at a maximum level. If the DNA profiling result shows that gene determining a particular skin function is working at an optimal level, we do not add additional factors addressing this function. The powerful base formula ensures maintenance of this particular function at an optimum level.