Fitness DNA

Decodes a series of fitness genes by Fitness DNA and offers the most promising solution by formulating your best-fit health supplement products and customised diet suggestions by our professional nutritionist team in order to target the following:

Losing weight
starts with …knowing the right diet for you
The best possible diet
Identify exactly which diet is best for your body
Diet plan, menus and recipes
Our dieticians will customise a diet plan with menus and recipes according to your DNA results
Also includes exercise guidelines
Learn how much exercise is right for you, to accompany your diet

Learn how to manage your weight more efficiently
We test your DNA for 10 key genes under the following 4 categories to help you understand more about your body, so you can adapt your lifestyle to your needs:

1. Feeding Behaviour and Energy Balance
2. Lipolysis
3. Obesity and Inflammation
4. Reward Deficiency Syndrome (“snacking between meals”)